pi is an all-in-one productivty powerhouse for your whole day. a collection of minimalist apps (pods) that solve daily time consuming tasks. productivity should be a smooth and seamless experience. often times users are lost in a sea of windows, tabs and apps. only using a few features from each application. focus is lost between tools. data must be cross managed. add a subscription for each tool and you quickly end up in productivity hell. paying a never-ending set of bills for a scattered group of apps with very little efficiency in return. pi is your escape. pay once and use forever. pi is built around an always productive principle. the ability to be productive from anywhere at any time. simple productivity that lets your screen breathe and keeps you focused
a pod is a minimalist app. pods contain key features for a single function or task. a focus on functionality over features allows for improved usability and reduced distraction

⚡ 13 pods
⚡ pay once 🙌
⚡ lightweight and fast
⚡ small app size (38mb)
⚡ all-in-one
⚡ global hotkey
⚡ swift + xcode built
⚡ auto-save
⚡ open anywhere
⚡ drag-and-drop
⚡ moveable window
⚡ collections
⚡ easy import/export
⚡ emoji mode 🎉
⚡ rain mode 🌧️
⚡ themes
⚡ screensavers
⚡ shortcuts
⚡ cloud sync (coming soon)
⚡ mobile app (coming soon)

  • dark
  • navy
  • teal
  • dew
  • lavendar
  • ruby
  • citrus
  • off
  • light
  • glass
  • hover (static)
  • hush (fade)
  • Ctrl + Ctrl (toggle pi)
  • Alt + Alt (toggle rain)
  • Ctrl + Cmd + 1-9 (toggle themes)
pi costs $49. one time purchase for lifetime use on a single device. productivity users have made it clear they are fed up with subscrpitions 😡😤. comparative tools often feature-bloat to justify their prices leading to users paying for tons of features but only using a few over the lifetime of their subscription. pi offers simple and effective productivity at a reasonable cost. allowing for product availablity to the world. creators, designers, freelancers, students, teachers, developers, philosphers, entrepenuers, businesses, agencies, professors, minimalists, artists, musicians, managers or anyone who wants to solve their day-to-day productivity
payment is for a single license key. transactions are securely processed with Stripe. if you downloaded the trial your card will be charged once the trial period is over
cloud sync (coming soon) uses CloudKit over an encrypted SSL connection to Apple's servers. all cloud data is encrypted and stored in private data containers only accesible by you. annonymous usage metrics (which you can opt-out of in settings) such as open duration, user events, lists count etc. are collected to help improve pi. no user generated content is sent in the analytics. you are in complete control of your data
pi is optomized to be as light on your cpu as possible. macOS 10.13 or later is required in order to use pi. background mode on average consumes 1% cpu power. rain mode adds no noticable performance cost (proof)